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Pay for your purchase or get paid with your usual online banking log-in.
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We make online shopping simple


Select your bank and simply enter your online banking username and password. After that you will be shown all your accounts and available funds.


Choose the account you would like to pay with.


Sign the electronic PAD agreement with a click, and you have completed the transfer.

Online Banking Payments are convenient and safe

Gone are the days entering long card numbers, security questions or opening an account. We don’t store customer data therefore there is nothing to worry about: easily complete your order with just your online banking log-in, without ever leaving the website.

Immediately afterwards you will receive a transaction confirmation and your order will be processed directly. Convenient and safe. Click. Finished. That’s how over 20 million Canadians pay today.

The preferred payment method for shoppers

After completing the transfer, the merchant receives a real-time transaction confirmation. In this way, he can send stored goods and digital goods immediately — you receive your purchases faster.

You will now receive a summary of your transfer or an order confirmation from the online shop. This way you have all the information about your purchase.

Online shopping with built in security

At Banksend your security is our top priority. You use your own online banking data and do not have to submit any personal information or card details to the merchant. You enter your online banking data in a secure bank environment to which the merchants have no access.

Your online banking log-in is never visible to the merchant or third parties, including Banksend or our employees. It stay’s secure between you and your bank.
Pay with your trusted bank or credit union

+100 Canadian Banks and Credit Unions

Canadians have preferences for how they pay for things online. Online Banking Payments are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease-of-use and security. Over 20 million Canadians can pay online today with just their online banking log-in.
Easy living. Payments through Online Banking

Easy— all you need is your online banking log-in

Paying with Banksend means instant gratification, bank-grade security and super simple payments. Banksend is fair and consumer friendly, you can only spend what you have available in your bank — no more high interest credit card payments! Gone are the days that you need to enter a long card or bank number at checkout.