Convenience beats everything

Pay by Bank with Banksend

Accept or send payments directly by online banking.
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As easy as 1-2-3!

We make online shopping simple


Select your bank and simply enter your online banking username and password. After that you will be shown all your accounts and available funds.


Choose the account you would like to pay with.


Sign the electronic PAD agreement with a click, and you have completed the transfer.

High conversion payments – Guaranteed

Banksend online banking payment is designed for Canadian customers to safely and easily pay across any online or in-app checkout from any device with just their online banking log-in, while never leaving your website or app.

Over are the days of entering long card numbers, clunky experiences or opening an account.

Superior convenience

Our user experience is streamlined for customer convenience which results in higher sales conversions when compared to cards across mobile and desktop.
Convenience beats everything!

Bank-Grade-Strong User Authentication

Fraud is a real threat for every online business and cards do not address this issue. Banksend uses bank-grade-strong user authentication that identifies the payee and prevents fraud where it counts the most — during checkout.

Superior conversion

As a business owner, the last thing you want is your customer to leave your site or abandon their cart because the checkout process is too complicated or clunky Banksend has you covered. With our streamlined one-click experience for fully authenticated customers you will be able to increase conversion and sales with higher approval rates than cards.
Pay with your trusted bank or credit union

+100 Canadian Banks and Credit Unions

Canadians have preferences for how they pay for things online. Online Banking Payments are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease-of-use and security. Over 20 million Canadians can pay online today with just their online banking log-in.
Easy living. Payments through Online Banking

One agreement.
20+ Million customers

One agreement and integration gives your business access to sell to over 20+ million Canadians.

Regardless of device, online or in-app, it’s never been easier to win clients, streamline your checkout or optimize the refund process. If you don’t have loonie as payment option, we guarantee — your business is missing out.

Fast, Secure, Simple – Yours

Our platform makes it simpler, faster and safer to use. With our API it works with your existing system.

Digital PAD Management

With our platform you manage all PAD’s digitally. Say goodbye to paper and stay compliant.

No More NSF’s

Using our platform, your clients are always up to date on their account balance. Our technology prevents nasty NSF’s and all the associated fees and extra work.

Why is payment via EFT so popular?

With Banksend, your customers simply pay with their familiar online banking data via direct bank transfer. Fast, direct, convenient and safe.
The big advantage is that customers do not have to register or create an account, they only need their usual online banking data. The payment amount is transferred from the customer’s online banking account to your account via our platform.
You will immediately receive a real-time transaction confirmation about the completion of the transfer and can therefore process an order directly and send it quickly.

Banksend is now available
in Canada

Getting Paid Has Never Been So Easy!

Regardless of whether you use standard software or have developed your system yourself — with the practical modules and easy-to-understand manuals from our platform, the integration of Banksend's API is simple and easy.


Your customers use their known online banking data for payment. Sensitive data (such as log-in information) will not be saved and therefore will never be visible to employees of Banksend or from the outside. These are not empty promises, because we subject ourselves to the strictest compliance controls for data protection.

The experience? Smooth!

What happens with the instant transfer?

In the payment form, your customer only has
to select their bank and log in with their personal online banking data. The customer selects the bank account and signs a digital PAD agreement and then confirms the transaction. Sensitive data such as log-in information is not saved by our platform.

What happens on your side

Your customer receives an invoice with our Banksend's payment button or selects Banksend
as the payment method in the checkout. Then he automatically comes to the secure, encrypted payment form of our platform.

The payment information (e.g. recipient, amount, purpose of use) from your business or invoicing system
is automatically synchronized to eliminate input errors.

How to collect the payment


Banksend collects the account information and compares the available amount in the account with the invoiced account to prevent NSF.


The account details are then encrypted before they are sent to the client’s bank to credit the funds. In doing so, our platform adheres strictly to the security requirements of the bank.


You will then receive a real-time transaction confirmation that the transfer has been set.


The amount paid is transferred directly from the customer’s bank account via our platform to your bank account.